[OSM-talk] getting ewms to work?

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 22:48:34 GMT 2008


2008/12/19 graham <graham at theseamans.net>:
> I use josm for my editing but hadn't used it for a while - in
> particular, the yahoo imagery with the wms plugin. So I rather dumbly
> thought I should upgrade the wms plugin before I started, without
> checking if that was ok. Now I find it is no longer using firefox, but
> webkit. I'm really unclear about how to set it up to work, and the wiki
> page is pretty minimal. It recommends installing gnome-web-photo, for
> which there isn't a stable version for my computer (running gentoo).
> Same with webkit-gtk.
> Does anyone have the new version running on gentoo? Talk me through it?

I have a couple of week's old wmsplugin running on gentoo with
gnome-web-photo, but I want to switch to webkit at some point.
Attached is a gentoo ebuild for gnome-web-photo-0.5 which is based on
somebody's -0.3 ebuild.  0.5 worked fine with firefox 3.0 but stopped
working when I upgraded to 3.0.4, I posted to the josm list about how
to make it work again.

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