[OSM-talk] Indiscrimate layering

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Dec 19 23:05:33 GMT 2008


Peter Miller wrote:
> I was not aware that the change had not gone through. I though anonymous 
> edits were banned. already

They are, client-side, in Potlatch. With any other editor, or talking 
directly to the API, you can still make anonymous edits.

> So all those edits by <no name> on OSM Mapper 
> are a random selection of unidentified contributors?

Yes. All you know about them is that they haven't used Potlatch in the 
last few months because then they'd have had to make their edits public.

> Also, I wonder how we contact them to see if they agree to the new 
> licence

The information on who they are (i.e. what screen name they have and 
perhaps an e-mail address) is in the database, anyone with database 
admin privileges *can* contact them and it has happened in one or two 
grave cases in the past that TomH (reluctantly) played messenger between 
the community and the mapper.

> 1) Was it the right answer? We do actually have the IP address somewhere 
> on the servers so the edit so not really anonymous. 

As said, we also have the name; if the Chinese government hacks our 
servers and someone was so naive to rely on our not giving out his name 
for his privacy then he's in jail.

> 2) Was the decision made is a good way? 

We're not talking a decision, we're talking a non-decision. Nobody has 
decided that action should not be taken; but nobody has decided that 
action should be taken either, so that leaves is with the status quo.


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