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US census has a well-organized system of divisions that might suit the  
need to create hierarchy within urban agglomerations and poly-centric  

PMSA- Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area  i.e. Greater SF Bay Area  
is a PMSA
SMSA- Secondary Metropolitan Statistical Area possibly SF-Penninsula,  
Oakland-EastBay and SJ-SouthBay are SMSAs
MSA- Metropolitan Statistical Area- the pop. figures and  
characteristics escape me...

PMSA and SMSA account for the SFs and Miamis of the US by  
statistically recognizing the central core city as the generator/ 
facilitator of activity (Greater So. Fla: 5.8 million, Miami 380,000)  
Having these two designations also helps in cases like Ft. Lauderdale,  
which is part of the Miami PMSA and is a 'core city' of it's own SMSA,  
yet it's population is only 160,000 while the Miami suburb of Hialeah  
is over 200,000. the automatic deference to FTL would be built in.

Making use of that info however, is where my tech skills fail me

As a side note-
Denver: True City/County
Indianapolis: Annexed entire Marion County
Louisville: Government & Municipal consolidation
Jacksonville: Annexed entire St. John's County
Broomfield, CO (a tiny suburb of Denver: True City/County


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On Dec 18, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Beej Jorgensen wrote:

> As a datapoint, Google renders SF and SJ the same way until you zoom  
> out
> far enough, and then SJ disappears.
> -Beej
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