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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 20 21:12:33 GMT 2008


Ulf Lamping wrote:
> You're remembering my discussions months ago about voting for tags to 
> get a good consistent tagging scheme?
> You're also remembering some very prominent persons in this project 
> mentioned that voting is nuts and we should see what is really mapped 
> out there?
> Well, I'm now exactly doing this.

"And I was soooo hoping for someone to complain because that's my sole 
motivation behind doing this job, showing all them nutcases that we 
desperately need voting..."

The question of how to tag a medical practice has been discussed a lot, 
and it is probably difficult to find any consistent solution because 
there are big national differences in how the health system works. In 
some countries doctors don't run their own little practice but usually 
are lumped together in "medical centres", other countries tend to have 
individual practices.

What doesn't make it easier is the enormous complexity of names together 
with the fact that the majority of OSM contributors are not native 
speakers of English (yet still try to find English tags for everything).

A tooth doctor is a dentist, ok that's not too bad, an eye doctor is 
an 	ophthalmologist (ouch!), a children's doctor is a paediatrician, and 
a women's doctor is a gynaecologist and - I confess I had to use the 
dictionary for this - a doctor for your throat, nose and ears is a 
otorhinolaryngologist. There's no hope of ever introducing these as 
tags, as they will be misspelled about 150% of the time.

Maybe we should do: "amenity=doctor,children=yes" or so... but then 
again "amenity=doctor,throat=yes" sounds quite stupid.


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