[OSM-talk] Hiking and Trail riding map

Nop ekkehart at gmx.de
Sun Dec 21 22:06:04 GMT 2008

Hi folks!

As I liked the features of the cycle map but rather missed a hiking map 
based on a similar design, I started working on one.

Or rather, as I am doing my mapping on horseback, I am working on a map 
that some day should be suitable for trail riding. But as the 
requirements for a hiking map are very similar, it should be able to 
serve that purpose as well.
Main requirements are contour lines, hill shading, emphasis on 
displaying the trackgrades and paths, landmarks of all kinds and hiking 

My work on a hiking map originally started with a map for Garmin devices 
and Map Composer. For the open layers map I extended Composer to 
generate matching mapnik styles. This means that a Garmin map will be 
available that exactly matches the online topo map minus the hill shading.

You can have a look at an early draft here: http://www.nop.onpw.de/. And 
there the problems start. Currently the test map is located at a free 
webhoster, but it is obvious that the final map will be require some 
magnitudes more webspace.
So do you have any recommendations for me on where to find webhosting 
for this project? It is a simple set of prerendered tiles and openlayers 
and requires no server side database or applications.

I guess I could use advice and help with this project.



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