[OSM-talk] OSM-WIKI: reducing redundancy, less redundant and standardized data exchange

Karl Guggisberg karl.guggisberg at guggis.ch
Wed Dec 24 10:06:41 GMT 2008

Hi denny

I had a second look at the documentation and I now understand how Semantic MediaWiki can help us.

Assume map features were described by three attributes: a key, a value and a description, like 
    {MapFeature  key="foo" value="bar" description="desc"}

Then we would create a Wiki page [[Tag:foo=bar]] (as we do today):

----------- beginwiki of [[Tag:foo=bar]]
bla bla bla 

<!-- the properties of Semantic MediaWiki -->
----------- endwiki

On the [[Map Features]] page we could ask for this data (the following example automatically creates a table,
we have full control over rendering using wiki templates, if we want to) 

----------- #beginwiki of [[Map Features]]
{{#ask: [[Tag:foo=bar]] 
| ?key = Key 
| ?value = Value
| ?description = Description
----------- #endwiki

On yet another page we could include information about the map feature:

-----------  #beginwiki of [[Yet another page]]
The map feature [[Tag:foo=bar]] is described as follows:
* Key:         {{#show: Tag:foo=bar | ?key}}
* Value:       {{#show: Tag:foo=bar | ?value}}
* Description: {{#show: Tag:foo=bar | ?description}}
----------- #endwiki

I'd like to use SemanticWiki for the OSM wiki. This will bring us a step further to managing map feature data.

I'd like to have a kind of sandbox to work on this. Could somebody provide an installation of MediaWiki including SemanticWiki and a copy of the current OSM Wiki content on a test server?  

-- Karl

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(Karl, since the list is probably closed for outside postings, can you please forward this answer to the list?)

I stumbled on this thread via Google Alert, so excuse me for not being much knowledgeable about the OpenStreetMaps wiki (I'm a big fan of OSM,
though!) -- but I know a little bit about Semantic MediaWiki.

So one of the major ideas is indeed to be able to declare a piece of information on one page, and then reuse the data in other places, especially summary sites.

Example: on the "Statue of Liberty" page you would say "Tourist attraction=major" and "located in=New York, NY" and on then, in other places, you could create queries to summarize such data from the wiki, i.e.

List of all major tourist attractions:
{{#ask:[[Torist attraction::Major]]}}
List of all tourist attractions in New York, NY:
{{#ask:[[Tourist attraction::+]] [[located in::New York, NY]]}} etc.

If you want, keep me in the loop for this thread, and I will answer question. I'd be very happy to see the OSM wiki use SMW, if it makes sense.


Original message:
Hi there,

In [2] we see that there are partially redundante declarations of map features (descriptions of keys or key/value-pairs for tagging OSM
primitives) in the wiki. The major reason for redundant is, that they appear both on individual pages (like [[Key:heighway]] or [[Tag:highway=primary]]) and on summary pages (like [[Map Features]]). So far we didn't come up with an approach to *declare* a map feature only once on the Wiki (i.e. by instantiating a suitable template) and to *use* this declaration both in indvidual pages and in summary pages.

I don't see yet how Semantic MediaWiki could help use here because the limited templating approach seems to remain unchanged. An example on how Semantic MediaWiki could help to declare, say, the data for the key/value-pari highway=primary would be very appreciated. Perhaps on the talk page of [2]?

-- Karl

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