[OSM-talk] Problem adding images to Flickr OSM pool

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sat Dec 27 00:17:19 GMT 2008

I am having problems with adding Flickr images to the OpenStreetMap  
pool (and also to the ItoMedia pools) from a new user we have created.

I have upload some (pretty!) images onto Flickr using the new user  

I have tried to add them to the OpenStreetMap pool however these  
images do not appear in these pools unless I am signed in (either as  
ItoWorld or as PeterIto).

I also have this problem with the ItoMedia pool and it is not just me.

Avar is listed at the bottom of ItoMedia pool as contributing 2 images  
(http://www.flickr.com/groups/itomedia/pool/) however I can only see  
these images on the pool if I am signed in (as with the OSM pool).

Strangely osde8info and PeterIto's images can been seen in ItoMedia  
when one is not signed in.

I have checked the settings for the ItoMedia pool and also for the  
users PeterIto and ItoWorld and can't see anything wrong. I can't of  
course check the settings for the OSM pool.

Can other people see ItoWorld's and Avar's images in the ItoMedia pool  
when they are signed in (but not see them when they are not)?

Can other people see ItoWorld's images in OpenStreetMap pool only when  
they are signed in?

Has anyone else experienced this problem elsewhere?



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