[OSM-talk] rotating icons or 2D icons

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Tue Dec 30 12:00:41 GMT 2008


apologies - golf again ;-) I made a bunch of icons for marking points of 
interest on a golf course - tree, palmtree, yardage marker etc. The trees 
have a trunk and leaves, the yardage marker looks like a milestone. Looks 
cool as long as the direction of play is towards the north. But if I want 
hole by hole maps, the golfer wants to look at the map from where he is with 
the destination at the top. So I make an image of the hole to be traversed 
and rotate it - result: the yardage markers are facing the wrong way, the 
trees are upside down ... I could of course generate an svg file and manually 
rotate all the icons. Or make 2D icons - but even then, all icons with text 
on them would be upside down or at crazy angles on holes that do not face 
north. Icons without text would be ok as long as they are symmetrical. Any 
ideas? suggestions?
Kenneth Gonsalves

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