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2008/12/31 Andre Schoonbee <andresch at iway.na>

> Hi All
> First, seasonal greetings!
> I have a few questions:
> 1) I have uploaded roads data using JOSM. This now is appearing as normal
> lines and not as per the classified roads. I like Mekaartor also, and can
> want to upload the rest of the roads. Am I using the correct process,
> because some roads are new and some is a change of the existing roads.
> "I download the respective area, add my data and delete on my pc what seems
> to be incorrect, then upload again."

You process appears correct...

> 2) I also would like to add more parameters for the roads, like average
> travel speed, speed limit, etc. could it be done? The reason why I want to
> add this is to be used in our routing component, eventually to determine
> also average travel time.

You can add as many parameters as you want...

Check out http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features for ideas, if you
can't find a way on there to represent a certain parameter, look at proposed
features too, if there is no evidence that that parameter has been captured
before, feel free to propose a new one... While you don't have to propose a
new feature to tag things, as tagging is open, it's kind of nice for the
community if tags are documented so that people can acheive some level of
standard tagging of the same features...

And specifically, for the speed limit,
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:maxspeed (from the Restrictions
section of the Map Features page)

Average travel speed it a tricky one, it can vary dramatically based on mode
of transport, time of day, day of week and season, there has been discussion
in the past about using the GPS tracks to be able to calculate figures for
this, but, it would take some considerable effort and lots of tracks for
individual routes... As such, I don't think much progress has been made on
it and I believe people have been typically using formulas that work with
the maxspeed, road type and other magic variables to attempt to approximate
average travel speed...

I hope this helps :)

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