[OSM-talk] SOTM08 - Ireland

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 1 20:39:21 GMT 2008


> /me waiting for a blogpost by fakeSteveC about other map communities
> not having so many Germans coming to Shannon as we do and unfree-tards
> not welcome to the annual gathering...

Well... it's quite obvious that the Foundation tried to keep out the
Germans this time. There can't be many international airports where
there is *not* *a* *single* *flight*, by any airline, for any price,
to or from any German destination.

If I wanted to fly directly to Shannon, the nearest opportunity would
be traveling to Paris first. 

But listen to this, German-hating OSMF board: Your plan's not going to
work out because I'll personally invoke the awsome (!) powers of my
pilot's license and ferry over the whole German OSM community! Har

Failing that I might also join the crowd at Dublin. More likely, to be


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