[OSM-talk] Some interesting numbers from planet.osm

Jason Reid osm at bowvalleytechnologies.com
Sun Feb 10 22:14:31 GMT 2008

I've just put together a small script to generate some statistics from 
planet.osm, and its produced a few interesting numbers from the February 
6 planet dump:

-There are 5540 ways with 0 nodes in them
-There are 126 ways with 1 node in them
-85% of the ways are have between 2 and 20 nodes (21% have 2 nodes only)
-There are 9666 ways with more than 500 nodes (from a random sampling 
most appear to be coastline)
-The longest way has 11270 nodes (a piece of coastline that has since 
been split up)

The raw data from the script is available at 
http://openstreetmap.ca/statistics/february062008.txt, and a dump of all 
the ways that have more then 500 nodes is at 
http://openstreetmap.ca/statistics/february062008-longways.txt. The 
script itself will be posted to SVN soon.

-Jason Reid

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