[OSM-talk] Garmin icon for a bicycle

Frédéric Bonifas fredericbonifas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 23:16:10 GMT 2008

Thanks for the ideas (also to Karl and Ulf). Unfortunately, these ids
don't give the right result.
It seems like Gpsbabel knows this icon :
Is there an easy way to get the id from it ?


2008/2/10, Lukasz Stelmach <stlman at poczta.fm>:
> Frédéric Bonifas wrote:
>  > I am building custom stylesheets for mkgmap to get a cycle map of France.
>  > I would like to add the bicycle rental stations (many in Lyon, Paris...).
>  > I have seen on my etrex vista cx that I have a nice icon with a
>  > bicycle and I would like to use it. It is called "Bike Trail" and I
>  > can find it in the "Signs" waypoints section. Does someone know the
>  > Garmin ID of this icon ? (I have looked in the features list in the
>  > mkgmap documentation but can't find it).
> I am not very familiar with garmin mapping but if I were you I'd try
>  one of these:
>  0x2e0a
>  0x6707
>  0x6708
>  0x6709
>  0x670a
>  0x670b
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