[OSM-talk] Osmarender Layer="5", POI and the XSLT

Stuart stuart.srsm at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 21 10:06:03 GMT 2008

Thanks Dodi

I sort of assumed that a default level of 3 e.g. would have left a bit of 
flexibility for something even more important. I suppose by that stage there 
is nothing to add so text etc might as well go as high as possible.

I'm hoping to learn more about the osmarender.xsl and POI.

I created a POI layer but clicking on the points didn't result in the 
expected 'something' - perhaps I need a tag. Or more likely I need to follow 
the process in 

If this is the case then the POI layer doesn't seem to do very much. Perhaps 
this and the caption layers are split up so that it is possible to process 
them as separate files to do some clever dynamic decluttering via checkboxes 
on the client?

And with osmarender.xsl I aim to try and understand how it works (looks like 
a scary epic). I've read through the W3C pages on XSLT so have a very rough 
grasp, but is there an OSM specific document that might help.

In particular I hope to remove the excess style entries in the SVG for the 
huge number of feature types that do not exist in the actual data. Might be 
a worthwhile performance improvement for the Client not to have to download 
250kb or so of unnecessary text and may improve the browser performance as 
well (just a guess).


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> usefull for place names, administrative boundaries, POI symbols ... to 
> ensure visibility (always on top )
> Dodi
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> Hi
> I'm modifying a local copy of Osmarender to tweak the map output for my 
> own requirements. I've discovered that the drawing order is determined by 
> the <rule> order in the osm-map-features-z*.xml files. Moving the rule 
> down in the file can make visible a feature that was hidden behind an 
> area. However, most of these files (at higher zoom levels) have a section 
> called layer = 5 where the rules are all labelled as the highest layer. 
> (-5 to 0 to +5)
> Why have some rules got the layer tag and others none and why are all set 
> to 5?
> Cheers
> Stuart
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