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sergio sevillano sergio at tumbao.ws
Tue Jul 1 17:52:09 BST 2008

great to organice and optimice the access restriction before patching..
for the time period Access restrictions i would use opening_hours 
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Key:opening_hours> a tag wich 
was intended for POIs, but voted ok to apply to ways. i think time 
restrictions are best aproached with the syntax of that tag as is more 
flexible, does not make it complex when case is not. and can solve most, 
if not all: month-monthday-weekday-hour-minute restrictions. if every 
one agrees i would use that even if some modification of the tag 
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Key:opening_hours> is needed.

Ben Laenen escribió:
> Hi all,
> With the psv_directions discussion, I've started 
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Proposed_features/Access_restrictions 
> to completely rethink the idea of access restrictions once. There's no 
> proposed tagging scheme yet (so technically this is not a RFC yet). For 
> now I want to see a page filled with ideas, suggestions, current 
> problems, issues to keep in mind and more I may forget about.
> So, I'd like to see the page grow a bit with your contributions. Ever 
> ran into a problem you weren't able to tag? Then list it on the page.
> The access restrictions are very important tags so I want to see a lot 
> of input to finally get a tagging scheme that's good for all :-)
> Greetings
> Ben
> On Thursday 26 June 2008, Charlie Echo wrote:
>> On the one side, I agree that tagging should be more ellaborate.
>> On the other side, I just imagine few exceptions, and few categories
>> of vehicles. For instance, in France, when I write "psv", I mean
>> "buses, cabs, bicycles", because they are all allowed on the same
>> way, and everyone knows it. In fact, for the vast majority of ways,
>> everyone is allowed. So we may tolerate tricky tagging for tricky
>> events.
>>> So we might start thinking about this once before quickly patching
>>> current problems with tags like psv_directions :-)
>> I suppose when we have defined a new tagging reference, a small
>> script will be run on the database to modify automatically all ways,
>> and to raise flags if there is a need of manual intervention, which
>> should be rare. (such a script should be run to replace the value "1"
>> or "true" by "yes" when relevant, and so on...)
>> My point is to add information in the system in a structured way,
>> even if too complex. As the need of taging this "opposite bus lane"
>> is quite frequent where I live (Paris, France), I MUST find a
>> solution quickly. My current best approach is to create two ways, one
>> for cars one-way, and the other two-way for buses. It's stupid, and
>> splitting one way in two is a nonsense that will be hard to modify
>> back, so I really want to have it fixed!
>> Cheers,
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>> On Thursday 26 June 2008, Charlie Echo wrote:
>>> The proposal you mention is a radical change in the way we would
>>> tag. We would move from tag=value to tag:subtag:subtag=value.
>> Sure, it's very different to current tagging, but we need to think
>> about more complex access restrictions.
>> The proposal isn't perfect either, one can't for example say that
>> goods vehicles over 3.5 tons are not allowed except for loading and
>> unloading (a restriction that appears a lot over here). The problem
>> in that restriction being that it depends on more than one property:
>> goods vehicles (buses are always allowed for example), maximum weight
>> 3.5 tons, and an exception for loading and unloading its goods in the
>> area where the restriction applies.
>> Or what about restrictions applying one direction only, or
>> restrictions applying to only one lane in a three lane road?
>> The ordering problems you mention is another thing. I also can see
>> lots of ambiguity issues coming up.
>> Nevertheless, instead of adding new tags like psv_directions, and
>> after that probably moped_directions, bus_directions,
>> tram_directions, motorcycle_directions etc, we should think about a
>> much better tagging scheme for this. The proposal I mentioned is a
>> step towards something more powerful, but not quite there yet.
>> So we might start thinking about this once before quickly patching
>> current problems with tags like psv_directions :-)
>> Greetings
>> Ben
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