[OSM-talk] Tagwatch for europe

Etric Celine etricceline at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 1 23:30:04 BST 2008

Hi Everyone

I used Frederik's Europe excerpt to generate statistics with the Tagwatch 


The site is available in English and the other languages are uploading right 

Some of the changes I've made on the script:

* better output result for all tag statistics
* statistics are available for every Key that is mentioned on the Key:<name> 
or Map Feature pages
* The script now generate statistics for the used Relations
* Some general statistics are available about the used tags and their 
documentation status in the Wiki

In the "near" future some other things will follow:
* support for Tag pages that are just redirects (see oneway=yes as example) to 
get the documentation of this tags as well
* some more general statistics that compare several single osm files with each 
other (make it possible to see which Europe country has more "possible 
tagging errors")

I will update the script in the svn as soon as i have finished all the things 
i like to change.

Hopefully in the future the Tagwatch script can be a great help to 
find "possible tagging errors" or allows a small overview about 
what "undocumented tags are widely used and thus help to solve the chaos on 
the "proposal pages".

Some nice things from the Europe excerpt:
* 3.584 different keys are in use
* they are used in combination with  18.881 different tags
* 124 different relations can be found in Europe
* and we found 16 different ways to write the multipolygon relation wrong
* we used 3.838.091 the highway tag
* 114.314 buildings are listed in Europe
* 113.577 bridges and 21.440 tunnel
* Furthermore we have 427 "differend kinds" of sports


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