[OSM-talk] Navman B10 SiRFstarIII receiver - any good?

Christopher Woods christof at infinitus.co.uk
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2008/6/20 Christopher Woods <christof at infinitus.co.uk>:

This isn't strictly OSM-related, but I do use my Bluetooth GPS unit to take
tracks with my smartphone, so I suppose it applies. I'm just looking at this
Navman unit with the SS3 chipset, it's got good reviews and apparently it's
quite sensitive - but more importantly, is it accurate?
Does the SiRFstar III chipset have a tendency to 'drift' when you're
travelling at slow velocities (like my SS2-based QStarz receiver does?) I
think my old receiver gets confused with bounce off high buildings too, so
I'm wondering whether the SS3 chipset improves on these problems or whether
it's one to avoid.

This article gives a good idea of the accuracy of the SS3 chipset...
<http://www.gpspassion.com/fr/articles.asp?id=175&page=5> &page=5

 <useful stuff snipped> 

Not sure which QStarz receiver you have, but the ones on the wiki seem to be
all MTK based... 

Mine's the BT-Q880 - small blue device, three LEDs, rubberised surface with
a magnetic underside (it came with a self-adhesive mounting sticker for the
car but that's long gone!). For pics and specs, just tap Qstarz BT-Q880 into
Curiously, some sites mention it as having a SS3 chipset while the official
QStarz site says it has an RFMD chipset inside. I got mine a few years ago
now (must be approaching three years ago now) so I doubt mine has a SS3 chip
in it. ;)
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