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Florian Lohoff flo at rfc822.org
Wed Jul 2 13:06:36 BST 2008

On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 11:06:28PM +0200, Xav wrote:
> > to convert "FIXME" notes to bugs in openstreetbugs
> That's a serious work. It implies duplicated data, and thus consistency 
> issues and policies.

I mean parsing the .osc files shouldnt be too hard and putting
the FIXMEs with their corresponding OSM object id (way, point) into
the bug database so a collision by duplicate FIXMEs should be impossible 
(as long as adding the same FIXME with the same object id again is

A validation of the bugs should be possible by querying the object id
from the OSM database and checking for the note/FIXME tag - so closing the
bug from an editor would be as simple as removing the FIXME.

The only dupe issue i would see is a user adding a manual Bug via the
openstreetbugs webpage and me adding a FIXME to a way.
So we end up with 2 bugs at the same spot. This is where i thought about
bug merging e.g. clicking to bugs and saying "merge". If one of the bugs
would be dependent on an OSM object this would be taken to the new
merged bug...

> Thinking of it, another solution would be to show FIXMES on the Maplint 
> layer... or another special rendered layer.
> I put this feature is on the far bottom of the ToDo list...


> > The other one would be to load the openstreetbugs into a JOSM layer.
> > So take the OSB gpx file - do the survey - load the map into JOSM and
> > load the bugs aswell to show the positions to focus on.
> Do you propose a new feature that I do not understand? Do you know that 
> it's already possible to open the OSB-GPX into JOSM? You get a new layer 
> with bugs on it.
> Maybe you propose a JOSM plugin to download automatically bugs from OSB? 
> (If somebody want to do that...)

Yep that i meant - automagically loading the openstreetbugs layer into

> > So it would probably not even be necessary to do survey, just to open
> > the editor so this would make this type of workflow much faster and
> > simpler.
> The advantage of being formal, with a workflow, is that it's efficient.
> But you could loose the human interaction with the newbies (your 
> parents). I think it's important for them to see that there are people 
> behind and that they can also work with better tools than OSB : potlatch 
> and JOSM.
> > Another idea would probably be to classify bugs from a drop down
> > list. Looking at the TomTom Mapshare stuff this is really nice. Just
> > the top 10 causes for mapping errors - Spelling, Junction Changed,
> > Road Changed etc. This could be used to display different icons and
> > make it obvious what to look for on the survey ;).
> This is a frequently proposed feature. However, I really like the 
> extreme simplicity and liberty.
> Also, I think there is too many kind of errors to be obvious. If I had 
> another kind of marker, that would be a "no-bug" marker, just to discuss 
> with other mappers.

I guess we simply need to start using it and see what needs come up by
dealing with the bugs.

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