[OSM-talk] UK post box data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jul 5 16:01:01 BST 2008


> Out of interest, what is it about Yahoo's geocoding that make it  
> incompatible with OSM? As I understand it, you cannot copyright facts.  
> No doubt it's far more complex than that.

If it were true that facts cannot be copyrighted (or subjected to other
usage restrictions via the database directive), then OSM's own license
would be moot. 

Our license is built on the assumption that we *do* have a copyright
on the facts as collected by us and thus can dictate the conditions
under which someone may use them. 

So if Yahoo is anything like us they will assume that your usage of 
their geocoding makes your database a derivative of their database and
they have a say in how you use it.

If you wish to discuss these matters in more detail, ask on the 
legal-talk list.


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