[OSM-talk] www.OpenRouteService.org now supports Bicycle Routing with OSM Data

Robert Vollmert rvollmert-lists at gmx.net
Sun Jul 6 10:44:14 BST 2008



> very cool indeed.

Very much so.

>> - work in progress: tracktype
> As a cyclist I'd appreciate it if track with no additional info,  
> track with
> surface=paced, track with surface=gravel, and tracks of type1, 2 and  
> probably
> 3 would be taken into account.

This may be unrealistic, but maybe you can include tracktype, surface  
and the proposed key smoothness in your database, and allow the user  
to select allowed values for each? Or even weights for each  
combination? There could be default profiles for road bike or city  
bike or mountain bike.

>> Of course there are other combinations and possbilities and we
>> are evaluating those, but this shall serve as a first start ...
> What immediately comes to my mind as a feature request for (much :)  
> later
> versions are downloading the caclulated route as gpx track or  
> (optional)
> route and via-points

I agree. I just used the service to create a route for me and was a  
disappointed I couldn't download it as gpx.

One other problem I had is that it seems to have a preference for  
routing against the oneway direction on dual carriage ways. Or does it  
just disregard oneway?


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