[OSM-talk] User seams to add trash

wer-ist-roger juwelier-online at web.de
Tue Jul 8 01:19:41 BST 2008

Hello everyone,

within the last two day I found data in my area 
which seams to be "trash data" considering that it was created with potlach 
and the added nodes have no taggs and they are at places where it makes no 
sens I assume the user is adding this data on purpos. The problem is that I 
don't know if he/she is doing that on purpos or is just playing around with 
potlach and doesn't know what it does to the map.
So befor comming to the wrong conclusions I like to contact that person but I 
have no idea how to search for a user so that I can write a message (people 
search on OSM is realy bad, sorry)

Just in case it is a violating person I like to ask if somebody 
know "MapDeliverer".

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