[OSM-talk] Access restricted or with administrative authorization

Javier Sánchez javiersanp at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 11:35:57 BST 2008


I'm really new to OSM and interested in hiking mapping. Hope any one
could help me with this questions.

In Protected Areas (like National Parks), there are frequently
footways where you have to ask for an authorization by the park
authorities if you want to walk throught. I'm searching the way to tag
this in the 'access' and 'foot' wiki pages, but I'm not sure of how to
use them. The nearest one is foot='private' (the owner may give
permission on an individual basis), but I think that these are not
private ways (are owned by the state, nor by a individual). Do you
think that would be necesary a new value for this tag?:
foot/access='authorizable' Any way, the most important is: how would
you tag indications about how to obtain this authorization?

By the way, when motorcar are allowed in a track only for emergency
and park administration vehicles, should I use car='no', or would it
better to use a new one car='restricted'?

Sorry about my poor english skill and hope you would forgive it.

Javier Sanchez Portero, spain.

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