[OSM-talk] General tagging strategy

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Wed Jul 9 21:39:32 BST 2008


> So what do you think?

that the krauts tend to overengineer everything ;-) .

I mainly use #2, sometimes combined with #3. For maps and routing they are 
most important. This way I describe the world as it is, not as someone tells 
me it should look like.

#1 could additionally be added if someone wants to render special purpose 

#4 adds confusion to the data as different people will interpret the types 
differently and do not describe the world as it is.

BTW: I think that, unlike #1 and #4, #2 and #3 have been unnecessarily 
ridiculed by the given examples, regardless where they origin. No Mapper 
would map a suicidal trail as a cycleway (except we had no path tag ;-) .
But if I see a motorway which is no better than a primary road I tag it as a 
primary *first*. Additional tags then could describe the administrative 

We had this discussion on talk-de more than once, with no result so far. 
Frankly I do not care much as mappers automagically do the right thing.

Just my two cents,


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