[OSM-talk] Mapping Party: Blairmore, Canada. August 23rd.

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Fri Jul 11 01:02:40 BST 2008

Hello all,
We are planning a mapping party for Saturday 23rd August (and possibly
somewhere else on the Sunday).

We shall meet at the Stone's Throw Cafe
Blairmore from 9.30am. There will be an introduction to OpenStreetMap
followed by a small tutorial on collecting data using GPS'es/digital
cameras, uploading it to the internet and creating a map.

There will be a couple of experienced mappers on hand to help out, we're
hoping that a few locals will join us to find out more about the project
and help us complete the mapping of Blairmore (and surrounding areas time

After lunch we'll collate the data which we have collected and add this
the the OSM map. If people already have GPS tracks of their favorite hikes
or trails and would like to contribute them the project, they can bring
them on their GPS'es (with cables please) or on CD/disk and we'll show
them how to upload/process them.

Bring a GPS/Digital Camera (if you have them), or simply just a pen and

Simon Wood.
aka Mungewell.

P.S. Enjoy SOTM, wish I were there!

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