[OSM-talk] Misclassified roads

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri Jul 11 10:01:18 BST 2008

On 11/07/2008 09:43, Steve Hill wrote:
> The definition of living_street is a bit vague in the wiki.  A relevant 
> bit seems to be:
> "Simply tagging them with something like highway=residential, max_speed=7, 
> motorcar=yes, motorcycle=yes, bicycle=yes"
> Which implies to me that the living_street tag almost never applies in the 
> UK - The vast majority of our residential roads have a speed limit of 
> 30mph, with newer ones tending to have a 20mph limit.  Just about the only 
> roads you'll see in the UK with a 5-10mph speed limit are service roads to 
> amenities such as schools.
> I don't know enough about the road systems in other countries to comment - 
> from your description, it sounds like maybe you have living streets (very 
> low speed limit) rather than residential roads (20-30mph speed limits). 
> As I said, I really don't like the residential tag (although I do use it 
> in order to be consistent with the rest of the map).  For roads with speed 
> limits over 30mph I don't tag them with highway=residential, even if they 
> have houses along them.

You are right. Living streets are uncommon in the UK. I believe "Living 
Street" is a translation of the Dutch "Woonerf" where the concept was 
invented. The equivalent here, to which the tag would be applied, is 
known as "Home Zone", and it has a specific sign:
(which is taken from this page

Like all these things, the details vary from country to country. What 
makes some European Living Streets so much better than those in the UK 
is that they place a default responsibility on the motorist for any crash.


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