[OSM-talk] Pubs on mapnik layer - can we remove them?

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Fri Jul 11 13:18:40 BST 2008

While it might not help Tom's immediate needs, a Next Big Thing for the slippy map would be the introduction of selective rendering on the Export tag for either of the main layers.  Particularly POIs.  For example the ability to do a SOTM location map with, say, ATMs, eating places and supermarkets explicitly requested at whatever zoom.

Perhaps a "No Pubs" option might make an experimental starting point?

Limerick - currently enjoying some very fine "Dubliner" cheese.

PS I've just had occasion to use the Export tab extensively for getting to SOTM maps and for talks.  Really Useful.  My thanks to the author, sorry I missed your name.

At 01:47 PM 11/07/2008, Tom Chance wrote:

>I've been promoting OSM in the charity I work for (www.bioregional.com),
>especially now the export facility makes it trivial. We'd like to use OSM
>maps in our publications, but several of my colleagues are reluctant
>because there are pubs all over the maps!
>Would it be possible to remove them from the default mapnik layer
>altogether, or to produce Yet Another Layer that is more professional
>We don't really want to get into running our own Osmarender / mapnik
>set-up, I'm sure lots of other businesses & NGOs would like to use the
>export function. I know we all love our pubs but it does hamper the
>usefulness of OSM in one of those areas where it should beat the
>competition hands down - legal copies of nice, detailed maps.
>Kind regards,

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