[OSM-talk] First village mapped in Northern Cyprus

David Janda dj at dotcomdave.com
Sat Jul 12 14:08:49 BST 2008

Hello Mikel and SOTM


Alas, re the dispute nothing has changed. The on the ground rule is not 
being observed bu user_7363, and for some damned strange reason he keeps on 
"touching" POI's via Potlatch, which moves them.

Despite me having a semi-automated solution which deals with the names 
issue, it;s taking up a lot of time, and I hate saying this, but something 
must be done as this situation is getting out of hand.

I have, for the time being, removed ALL village names as I am updating each 
record with historic names etc. But it's only a metter of time before 
someone on the south does what I have done. In which case things will get 
worse as the battle will be one of servers, not individuals and the OSM 
servers will be in the middle!

Other than that, things are great. I have a crew of about 6 people 
collecting data and the map has got quite a bit of interest over here. 
Military are a bit touchy, and I have a bunch of people who just want to 
sling up their villa or hotel and not do anything else, but I am dealing 
with that .....

David Janda
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Hi David


Coincidentally, here at State of the Map, we were discussing disputes 
generally and in Cyprus. How have things been in this regard, as you've 
finished this village?


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Hello Talk

I am pleased to announce that the first complete village in Northern Cyprus
(TRNC) is now complete.

Started in November last year, the task was done by myself, but I got
distracted doing eight other villages and most of what you see on the map.


David Janda

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