[OSM-talk] Misclassified roads

Claudius Henrichs claudius.h at gmx.de
Mon Jul 14 14:31:58 BST 2008

Steve Hill:
> On Sat, 12 Jul 2008, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> Well, there was a note on Map Features saying not to do it, but until
>> recently it didn't say what you _should_ do.
> Until recently there was no approved tag to do it.  A lot of people 
> promoted the idea of just never adding roads without knowing their 
> classification, which to many of us wasn't really acceptable (as far as 
> I'm concerned, it is better to have a road on the map than not, even if 
> you don't have all the information).
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Just to add some 2 cents from Germany:
highway=unclassified is used for minor roads through 
commercial/industrial areas according to our country features 
definition. So changing hwy=unclassified to hwy=road on the OSM dataset 
in Germany would probably target the revers numbers: 80% correctly 
tagged industrial/commercial roads.

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