[OSM-talk] JOSM rendering improvements the last days - I'm guilty!

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 15 00:00:43 BST 2008


As some people using the latest JOSM versions already noted, I'm
currently (again) trying to improve the JOSM rendering output to be
even more useful to our valuable mappers ;-)

So if you update JOSM to the latest nightly build, you'll get:

- more tags now shows an icon: amenity, shop, sport, ...
- more tags are dashed now: tracktype, aerialway, boundary, ...
- ... and lot's of other changes!

Most of these changes are based on the tagwatch output - BTW: thanks
for this great tool from my side!

But the most remarkable change I've done is to add some rules for
stuff that *shouldn't* be used IMHO.

Most notably, tags intended for ways not to be used on nodes:

- lot's of highways (e.g. highway=motorway doesn't make a lot of sense
on a node)
- lot's of waterways
- lot's of railways
- oneway (makes *no* sense on a node)

There are other stuff like oneway=no that also doesn't make a lot of
sense as this is already the default. Also some stuff that was used
times ago but there are better ways to tag them now (e.g.
highway=viaduct vs. bridge=viaduct) are marked.

Think of this as a very basic "data consistency check"!

All in all: If you find a "no parking sign on a bright yellow ground"
or a bright red dashed line you probably may rethink your tag -
especially if you're a newbie ;-)

BTW: As this is a new way to display those tags, they will show up
lot's of times on already well tagged areas (one mapper in cyprus
already noticed this).

Although I've tested the changes in several different areas, I'm not
saying that any of the above is the final truth, so think of it as a
"public beta test".
If any of the above changes turns out to be really counter-productive
(like the already reverted rendering of junction=roundabout), we have
to think about better ways.

Hopefully this makes mapping with JOSM even easier as before and in
the long term improve lot's of strange database entries ...

Regards, ULFL

P.S: Please *don't* send any mails like "I want to have rendered this
and that" or "it would be better to ...". I already know a lot of
stuff that still could be improved with JOSM rendering myself, thank
you. Be nice and you'll probably get some more improvements ;-)

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