[OSM-talk] Metro Manila Philippines needs some OSM love

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 02:15:14 BST 2008

>>> Isn't that what the highway=road tag is for?
Yes or this tag.

>>> I'll warn that sometimes the usage of Yahoo imagery can slow down later editing.
It can be but Yahoo is currently our best option for now.
Any specific instance on problems with yahoo you can illustrate so we
can avoid them?

> The Cloudmade nonames tiles are available world wide now. (You need to
> specifically select the correct layer, if the correct layer param isn't
> in the url).

This is cool! Might be better to integrate with openstreetbugs so
non-members can add/correct names.

> The road is only highlighted red when the name tag doesn't exist, and it
> is a road type that is expected to have a name.
> Shaun
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