[OSM-talk] OSM maps in 3D

Fabrizio Giudici fabrizio.giudici at tidalwave.it
Fri Jul 18 09:53:41 BST 2008

On Jul 18, 2008, at 10:35 , Robert Vollmert wrote:

> On Jul 18, 2008, at 09:27, elvin ibbotson wrote:
>> Very nice but it needs DirectX. I cut my map programming teeth on a
>> viewer for British OS maps which uses Java 3D (http://britain.poco.org.uk/desktop.html
>> ). I can’t share it because of copyright restrictions on the maps,
>> but the principle would apply to any map source including OSM. Why
>> not use Java instead of Microsoft stuff then it would run on
>> anything. There’s an awful lot of us using Linux or Macs - anything
>> but Windows!. I like the idea of Kosmos but - MS .net!!
> If you had tried, you'd know that Kosmos does in fact run on Linux
> with Mono. This one doesn't since there's no DirectX support in Mono,
> but I'm sure it'd be possible to port it to something like http://axiomengine.sourceforge.net/
>  .
> In my opinion, a Windows only project with source available is worth a
> lot more than some closed Java thing. On that note, how can the
> license on the maps keep you from releasing the source code to your
> viewer?

I think that Kosmos is ok as is - if you need some open Java stuff you  
can always use NASA World Wind for Java, which works fine with OSM  
data and can merge it with elevation data.

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