[OSM-talk] OSM maps in 3D

elvin ibbotson elvin.ibbotson at poco.org.uk
Fri Jul 18 10:13:12 BST 2008

> From: Simon Ward <simon at bleah.co.uk>
> Date: 18 July 2008 09:25:55 BDT
> To: talk at openstreetmap.org
> Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] OSM maps in 3D
> On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 08:27:56AM +0100, elvin ibbotson wrote:
>> Why not use Java instead of Microsoft stuff then it would run on
>> anything.
> Java doesn’t really run on anything, and we’re only just getting close
> to a full working free software implementation.

Java runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris and has been full, free  
and working for years.

> For 3D, some framework that sits on OpenGL would be even better (or  
> use
> OpenGL directly).

Java 3D will use OpenGL or DirectX. That's one way it runs on  
anything ;-)

Please note: I am an unpaid Java evangelist and have no connection  
with Sun.


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