[OSM-talk] New: 'OSM Mapper' for OpenStreetMap Contributors, by Ito World

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Jul 18 18:31:02 BST 2008

Ito World Ltd is pleased to offer its new product 'OSM Mapper' to the OSM
community. We demonstrated this product at 'State of the Map' and a number
of OSM contributors have been trying it out since then. We are now ready to
release it more widely.


OSM Mapper is a free product that allows OpenStreetMap contributors to
analyse the data for selected areas in lots of different ways to identify
and correct faults. It also allows users to set up RSS feeds to monitor
changes to the data in these selected areas. Read more on our blog:



We like making interesting pictures from data. Here are a set of images
created using OSM Mapper and some of our other products:









Peter Miller

Ito World Ltd

 <http://www.itoworld.com> www.itoworld.com


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