[OSM-talk] path or byway ?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jul 19 01:13:21 BST 2008


> > Could some native english speaker explain the difference between
> > "highway=path" and "highway=byway" recently introduced in map features ?
> For one, byway was never proposed or described or otherwise documented, 
> but instead just plopped into map features.  

Just like them darn motorways... nobody ever put them to vote, it's 
a shame ;-)

> So I guess no one really knows except Richard B, who put it there.

There are probably a few more millions who know what a byway is. 
In contrast to the generic term "path", a byway is something very 
specific in the UK because it has a legal meaning. The question has
been asked and answered a number of times on the lists, e.g. here:



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