[OSM-talk] OSM maps in 3D

wer-ist-roger juwelier-online at web.de
Sat Jul 19 12:40:19 BST 2008

Very nice that looks really promissing. But a few days ago I hade an idea to 
give the user an even more realistic experience. I would say it is a 
3D-OSM-renderer. My idea was that:

Tags that are included should be interpreted as 3D objects. For example if you 
have a street with highway = 70 then the renderer puts a 70 km/h roadsign 
besides the street. Same can be used for trafficlights, bridges or tunnels.
Railways with electricity should be rendered with with electric poles (but 
that would require a tag like this and I haven't found one)
Information about buildings can be included.
Woods can be rendered with trees.
The options are endless. Even though this wouldn't look exactly like the real 
thing but it would give you a "looks like real" experience.

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