[OSM-talk] Creative Commons and Geographic Information - a relationship under develoment

Andrea Giacomelli (pibinko) postdadaismo at libero.it
Sun Jul 20 15:13:20 BST 2008

This is the title of a panel discussion that will take place on Saturday, July 
26, close to Parma (Italy).

The session will be held during the third edition 
of the Creative Commons Festival [1]

We will have Niccolò Rigacci, one of the 
Senior OpenStreetMappers (who will reach 30000 mapped kilometers while coming 
to attend), Simone Aliprandi, one of the main national experts in Copyleft and 
free licenses, and myself (vice president and media relations manager for GFOSS.
it, the Italian OSGeo chapter), and possibly other members of the communities.

The discussion will presumably take place in Italian (with a slight Parmesan 

We will be posting a summary after the event.

The venue is not far 
from the motorways leading from Milano to Bologna (and the Adriatic coast), and 
to La Spezia (one of the routes to/from Toscana).

If you happen to be in 
transit around that date, you might consider stopping by and coming to say 
hello. Look for folks with orange T-shirts and a large logo saying "Geospatial 
Free Open Source Software". 
Writing (comunicazione at gfoss.it) to let us know 
you're coming will be appreciated.

thanks for your attention, and regards

Andrea Giacomelli, aka pibinko

[1] http://www.sm4x.org/wiki/index.php?title=CC-

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[OSM-talk] suggestion for SOTM09
>On 18 Jul 2008, at 17:14, Frederik Ramm 
>> Hi,
>> (RichardF)
>>>> Being a bit of a tree-hugger at heart, 
I'd prefer somewhere in
>>>> mainland Europe easily accessible by train.
>>> ...so you can skip it again? :-P
>> There were a number of 
people absent at this year's SOTM who are
>> quite active and/or important to 
the project - JonB wasn't there,
>> Blackadder wasn't there, Artem wasn't 
there, Jordan Hatcher cancelled,
>> Martijn van O wasn't there, neither was 
Franciso Santos, there was
>> nobody from the Merkaartor team and none of the 
many folks who are
>> very busy in Eastern Europe. (E.&O.E.)
>> I'm sure 
every one of them have had their valid reasons for not  
>> coming,
>> and I 
don't see why RichardF's absence in particular should be  
>> something
>> to 
discuss on the mailing list?
>Well if you're going to be all thing about it, 
because he's  
>encouraging us to pick a venue based on it being in Europe an  

>trainable, like, er, this year, which he didnt' make.
>But I did put a 
smiley face on there, did you miss it?
>> Bye
>> Frederik
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