[OSM-talk] multiple bounding-polygons in one file?

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun Jul 20 22:30:24 BST 2008

Hi Olga,

> Hello! I just started working with osmosis and the first problem I have is
> that I can not find an option how to extract several polygons out of the
> planet.osm file into one single file. I need one osm file with the
> openstreetmap data from several adjoining European countries together. Can
> please somebody tell me if that is possible?

at least it should be possible to join the resulting files after the 

Additionally, the polygon files can contain multiple polygons (though I have 
no clue if osmosis can cope with them). Maybe it's possible to put all needed 
polygons in one polygon file then?

HTH & best regards,


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