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Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
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Yep, it was me - in both cases, as you could see from the history popup.

As Andy notes it is not always easy to see small sections of data at z14
in Potlatch (which you have to use for NPE work). The little existing
piece is only just visible at z16 even and is obviously clear at your
example of z18. So, apologies for missing it - I will go and rectify it
this evening.
As to the second example I am sorry for the result produced. Again I
would note that when in Potlatch there is actually no notification of
the existence of any bridge tagging (maybe I'll lodge a Potlatch trac
request). That unclassified road just appears as a cased white line. In
many instances streams just aren't given bridges (even where known).
Could you please use your local knowledge to rectify that particular

Because of the problem noted above I actually skipped the main urban
area of Swansea - as the NPE was too difficult to interpret and the OSM
data so thick on the ground to make it difficult to work there. I shall
probably do so for Cardiff too. Incidentally they are the only two
significantly densely urban mapping encountered on a virtual trip round
the whole coastline of Wales so far.

Finally, it is my view that source=NPE is implicitly tagging "for
review". It is now possible to use the OSMmapper tool from ITOworld to
check where the tag has been used in your area and consider reviewing
data there. For this reason I have rarely added any river/stream names
from NPE because of: difficulty of knowing when named sectors
start/finish, problems of dual language in Wales, and difficulty of
sometimes reading the small text names on NPE.


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Steve Chilton has been adding all those welsh streams, pretty sure all
of it
traced in using potlatch from the NPE. When editing at zoom 14 with
its not always easy to see small sections of existing data, which is
probably what's happened here.



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>I noticed that a lot of waterways have recently been added with
>source=NPE.  Were these traced, or was this an automated import?
>It seems that some of the existing (surveyed) work has been either
>or broken in the process.  i.e.:
>An existing section of stream with a bridge over it has been ignored
>rather than the newly added waterway being connected to it:
>And a stream has been moved so it is nolonger under the associated
>Also, a number of streams are now marked which have been culverted
>the NPE maps were produced.
>Maybe these should be tagged as needing a review?
>  - Steve
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