[OSM-talk] KOSMOS general default rule?

Igor Brejc igor.brejc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 19:10:15 BST 2008

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I had this question come up several times, so let me explain.

Short answer: Kosmos GUI has a feature called "unused ways and nodes" 
which (when turned on) allows you to display ( in a visually irritant 
way) nodes/ways which were not covered by the rules (see 
for more info).

Long answer:
Rules in Kosmos are implemented in such a way as to not exclude each 
other. The excluding is only available for child rules. That's why you 
cannot set a "default" rule at the end of the ruleset to cover anything 
else that wasn't covered by the rules above.

The problem in general is how do you define what's covered and what's 
not? Example: you have a node that is a part of the highway. You have 
the way covered with a rule, but the node also contains a bus stop tag, 
for which you did not set a rendering rule. Is the node covered by rules 
or not?

Relations make things even more complicated.


GS wrote:
> Hi,
> let's suppose I have a ruleset and want to draw anything uncovered by the specific rules as gray symbols or lines. So I want a default rule for nodes and ways not selected by special rules.
> For child rules that is possible. For major rules also? How?
> Purpose is to become aware of data that someone entered but that is not yet shown on my map.
> Thanks
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