Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Fri Jul 25 10:24:27 BST 2008

Would it additionally be feasible to add some sort of limit parameter (a la the MySQL LIMIT parameter) to OSMXAPI calls?  

That would be useful for writing programs where you don't know exactly what the user might ask for. As a real example, I'd like to limit the return from a web-based POI node search to just 100 nodes.


At 06:54 PM 23/07/2008, 80n wrote:
>I've just implemented a change to OSMXAPI which will filter out and reject silly requests (like highway=*).
>The filter uses a combination of bbox size and count of matching elements to determine whether or not to process the request.
>At this stage it is a bit experimental and there is scope for fine tuning what it accepts and rejects.
>If you find that it is rejecting a request that you think is reasonable then please let me know.  I want to find the point where all reasonable requests are still accepted but silly or badly formed ones are rejected.  
>This should make a big difference to the throughput as previously osmxapi would easily get bogged down by someone requesting the whole planet and then retrying two or three times when they don't get a response within 10 seconds.

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