[OSM-talk] Collapsed names

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 25 11:11:48 BST 2008


> I'm proposing to add 2 extension to the name tag to mark which part of
> the name could be collapsed or hidden
> in the same moment you could give a priority

Your idea of referecing parts of the name tag with numbers is error- 
prone because (a) people will not always agree on how names are split  
in parts (is "Baah blaah-blah blah" a three-part name or a four-part  
name?), and (b) people will change the name and forget to change the  
extra attributes because they're not clear about what they mean.

If you want to have shortened names in the database, then I would put  
them in there explicitly, like so:

name=Viale don Luigi Sturzo
name_short_1=V.le don Luigi Storzo
name_short_2=V.le Luigi Sturzo
name_short_3=V.le L.Sturzo

But generally I believe the renderer should just have proper rules  
about shortening and use them - so you would only employ above scheme  
for exceptions that the renderer cannot derive automatically.

In my eyes it would be a great idea to develop some not-too-complex  
XML document where such rules can be formalized. We could then have  
our renderers read that document and use it, and host it on the Wiki  
so everyone can put in their collapsation rules for their local  


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