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Perhaps this would work:
name=Viale don Luigi Sturzo
short_name=V.le don Luigi Sturzo
very_short_name=V.le L. Sturzo

If short_name and very_short_name are present then use them, otherwise the
renderers can use whatever automated algorithm they like.

This would handle with all the corner cases that will never be fully
abbreviated automatically.  For example:
short_name=Den Bosch


On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 10:56 AM, Edoardo Marascalchi <
edoardo at edoardomarascalchi.it> wrote:

> in the italian mailing list we are facing new (and some old) users
> arguing should be better to enter in the name tag the collapsed form of
> the name.
> I'm trying to persuade this people this is the wrong way 'cause don't
> exist any way to explode names collapsed.
> I'm proposing to add 2 extension to the name tag to mark which part of
> the name could be collapsed or hidden
> in the same moment you could give a priority
> e.g.
> exploded form: Viale don Luigi Sturzo
> first: V.le don Luigi Sturzo
> 2nd: V.le Luigi Sturzo
> 3rd: V.le L. Sturzo
> so
> name=Viale don Luigi Sturzo
> name:collapsable=1;3
> name=hide=2
> so...
> you are adding tips usefull to renderes about which part of the name
> collapse or hide but it's not a mandatory collapsation
> If you are the coder of a renderer you can chose to hide befor collapse
> or collapse before hide..
> Let me know it make sense or not..
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