[OSM-talk] Names, split streets and relations

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Sun Jul 27 21:16:09 BST 2008

Mapnik has a way to resolve both cases.
If you lodge a Trac job with (UK) URL examples of both cases I will investigate for next week's style update (just submitted this week's).

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	Shaun McDonald wrote:
	> The renderers need fixed, if they can't cope with this kind of data. 
	Indeed. My question is: can they? :-)
	> Mapnik will only write the name where there is space for it.
	Right, but that's precisely the problem. It writes it three times when I
	really only want it written once.
	(The opposite problem is the very long road which is a single way. The
	name should regularly repeat, but I don't think it does on either Mapnik
	or Osmarender.)
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