[OSM-talk] (was: Italy Video) - in case of future requests related to "Riflessioni sul tema(tismo) and post scriptum

Andrea Giacomelli (pibinko) postdadaismo at libero.it
Mon Jul 28 11:09:17 BST 2008


I am the author and producer of the "Italy Video" which generated 
interest during SOM08 and which generated some interest in the "post SOTM" 

John (McKerrell) - I hope your SOTM review from last Thurday went just 
as well without the high resolution video. 

I spoke to Simone,also to thank 
him for having re-exposed the video to the community in Limerick following the 
initial postings I made in January.

Based on this and other recent 
conversations,   I would like to share some points of interest, should there be 
future requests in relation to this video and/or other material currently 
available on the web and authored by us (=GFOSS.it and other individuals 
relating to it)

1. The "Italy video" [title: Riflessioni sul tema(tismo)] is 
currently available through the youtube version http://www.youtube.com/watch?

It should be cited as Riflessioni sul tema(tismo), by pibinko, 
Italy 2008.

FYI - following the "world premiere" in January 2008 I had 
requests to dub the video in Spanish, to add other scenes and other very 
interesting ideas which would be wonderful to "make happen" in a CC-BY-NC-SA 
mode....it is good to see that whenever the video re-surfaces, new interest is 
generated. ....it would be of benefit to any project referring to CC as a 
licensing model to make some of this happen ;)

2. A high resolution version of 
the video has been available via FTP for a few months, following the Arezzo 
Mapping Party. 
This version is no longer on line.
If anybody did download the 
high(er) resolution version, I'd appreciate to know. I am too lazy to check 
server logs at present.

also note that the "high resolution" version is 
*better* than the youtube one, but would not be qualified as a real production 

3. I have the possibility of rendering a DVD-quality version of the 
video, as well as other strains of the same material.

This won't take more 
than a few hours, but we need to put this in the pipeline of other ongoing 
activities (of which maybe less than 10% OSM-related). We will be glad to 
consider requests, but planning will be of the essence.

 Just send an e-mail 
to info at pibinko.org and we can see if/no sooner than when your request can be 

4. As any other content which is generated for not-for-profit 
awareness raising (or even for commercial reasons, as a matter of fact) we, as 
the GFOSS.it association, would be glad of being notified of cases where such a 
video has generated interest.

At present, the best way to do this is by means 
of comments to the youtube version of the video (using the "comments" section 
on youtube). 
If you don't like the idea of posting your comments on that site, 
you can still send an e-mail to comunicazione at gfoss.it

5. If you feel we 
should use a different model for our awareness raising activities, I will be 
glad to learn of ideas on how to change/improve it.

Thank you for your 
attention, and regards

Andrea Giacomelli
vice president and media relations 
manager - GFOSS.it - Italian OSGeo Chapter

p.s. if any video editor is 
interested: we have substantial portions of footage from the Jan-Jul 2008 
campaigns where GFOSS.it has collaborated with Italian OSM activists. 
We have 
edited "instant" short movies (all available on youtube, again...look for the 
gfoss tag), but we could consider opportunities to assemble more of the footage 
we are currently keeping in our drawers...

p.p.s. this opportunity does not 
strictly apply to OSM-related material...a lot more is on free geographic 
information in general.

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