[OSM-talk] House numbers... One more suggestion

Charlie Echo openstreetmap at coutiere.com
Mon Jul 28 18:21:23 BST 2008

If things are clear, and if there is a consensus about using this Karlsruhe schema, let's have a vote on it.

This will make things easier: we would then have a clean situation. This would enable people to enter the data.
We may also adapt the tools then, e.g. create a function in JOSM that "explodes" a way by creating parallel ways (for each continuous segment) with pre-filled tags (street names, and so on) so that entering data is easy enough.

Charlie Echo

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Frederik Ramm wrote:
| Hi,
|> I really have a problem with this 'way' linking address nodes in the
|> Karlsruhe schema.  We know that the relation has been created for that.
|> This 'way' is just here because some people do not know (or don't want
|> to know) how to use relations in the editors.
| Then use a relation instead. It's a free world ;-)

No, it's definitely a way, because the houses are spread along the
feature. If there was a node for every house, they should be related.

Robert (Jamie) Munro

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