[OSM-talk] House numbers... One more suggestion

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 28 23:47:46 BST 2008


> I would like to have it approved... Just imagine what would happen if
> the Karlsruhe schema is declared unefficient, and must be disregarded
> (for some reason, such as the ones explained by Karl). All the data
> would be lost, or would require huge processing for conversion into a
> new schema.

We don't usually do "declare data as unefficient" and "must be
disregarded" in OpenStreetMap. Some people, including myself, even 
object to the term "approve" since nobody in OSM has the authority to 
tell others what to do.

If you feel you need a vote before you, personally, can use the schema, 
then go ahead and start one. I, personally, do not require a vote to use 
the schema; I'd rather prove that it works by simply using and 
implementing it. I could imagine that *after* having used a schema for a 
while and maybe having found some problems with it, one could *then* 
have a good discussion based on practice about changes that could be 
implemented. I am not a believer in discussing or even voting *before* 
doing something.

And as I said, there is room in OSM for more than one schema; I fully
expect the Karlsruhe schema to be non-working in rural India and vice
versa, and I also expect any schema that works everywhere in the world
to be so complicated that nobody wants to use it.


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