[OSM-talk] Poster Things (part 2)

Henk Hoff osm at toffehoff.nl
Tue Jul 29 23:53:25 BST 2008

I got the cc from Martijn, which reminded me to subscribe to the talk-list.

Anyhow, the "poster things". I've talked with the designer who actually 
made them, and he can give me the design with which you all could make 
your own posters. I'm trying to persuade him to fix the transparancy 
problem first ;-).

However, they can also make those stands for you. For a lousy ;-) 185 
euro (excl VAT and shipment outside NL) you will have a 80cm wide by 
200cm high poster packed in a metal holder in a carrying case. The 
holder is also the actual poster stand (lay the holder on the ground, 
pull the poster up, and you're done). (Slight) alterations in the design 
can be done without extra cost.

If your interested in the poster stand or just the design, let me know.

Henk Hoff

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