[OSM-talk] do we have a map feature for this? :)

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Tue Mar 4 03:49:23 GMT 2008

Stefan Baebler wrote:
> Ok, so some data does exist. But will the existing routing software
> proparly take them into account when calculating the route? I believe
> existing satnav software enables you to find such a POI nearby, and
> even calculates the optimal route to it ... but am afraid this is not
> the goal here. "Where is the nearest low bridge and how do i get to
> it?" isn't exactly the question someone would ask. Or are there such
> things as "POIs to avoid"?

Mine doesn't, but it's the base model.  It will, however, warn about 
nearing POIs of specific groups, if set to.  I did look at my aunt's 
Garmin nuvi, and hers has a 'large vehicle' mode.

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