[OSM-talk] Map_Features not loading

Pieren Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 15:19:23 GMT 2008

> Apparently some people have converted it to about fifteen million embedded
> meta-templates.
> I've altered Map_Features to link to the templates rather than include
> them and it renders now.
> The "someone" is myself. I migrated to templates in the middle of January,
and this had no impact of the page size.  The reason of doing this is to
help the internationalization (and synchronization) of this important page,
these templates are used in the german, czech, danish, french, italian,
russian, turkish, dutch Map Feature pages.
This error already raised before the migration to templates.
The main reason is that the page weight is inflating because of new features
(and more pictures ?).
The solution will be to either split the page in 2 or many pages but people
like to see "all at once" (see mail from Chris) or reduce the amount of
information (e.g. summarize, remove pics) or fix the problem on the wiki

But the current situation is not satisfaying : either restore the templates
calls in the main page or add a link to new pages where templates are
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