[OSM-talk] import of dataset for new zealand

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 19:35:52 GMT 2008

On 19/03/2008, Cartinus <cartinus at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Twice no.
>  Objects in the database are more than just shapes. To concentrate on the
>  second one: The shape from the Yahoo image is better, but there are no names
>  visible in the aerial photographs. If I don't know the name (and whatever
>  other attributes) before looking at the AND data, then AND is still source of
>  part of the information contained in the object.

well, yes but you're moving the goal posts here. what you're
suggesting is no different in concept to a user looking up street
names in google maps/microsoft live maps/etc. and adding them to the
database, having traced the shape from the yahoo imagery. so, we treat
it in the same way: unless and until we (or the owners of the data)
suspect copying is going on, we assume people are playing by the rules
and getting their data legally, and do nothing

and for an org to get worried about this (the linz data contains
millions of items), a user would have to remove attribution from a
significant amount of data. this takes a lot of time. why would anyone
set out to do this? there are far easier ways of causing problems for
osm, if it's malice that drives them, and i see no practical benefit
that anyone could gain from doing this. if you want to be identified
as having worked on it, your name will be there as last editor by
tweaking the nodes

i understand you're looking at the worst case, and that is useful, but
so is looking at the practicalities and the likely actions of people

to anyone that might know: is there any evidence of this happening
with TIGER and AND data, people removing attribution tags after the

>  Alternatively maybe not the whole lake needed to be redrawn, but that one
>  read-only tag gave me no other choice.

well, no it doesn't give you no other choice. if part of the lake is
out of line, drag it to the correct position. if it's represented too
crudely, add some more points to the loop and drag those to the
correct point. data can always be modified to what we want, and
attribution will be kept

hell, talking hypothetically, there's no reason i couldn't convert
that lake into a motorway, a line of power cables/pylons, a large
building, or anything else represented by a way. drag the points to
new position, maybe break the link so it's not a polygon, change the
attributes, hey presto you're there and the linz attribution is kept.
pointless changes i know, but the principle stands

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