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Chris Hill chillly809 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 20 22:24:17 GMT 2008

There might be ways from Hull to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge as ferry routes - I'll check the relations but when I retrieve sub-sets in JOSM of api data I don't get chunks of Netherlands or Germany which seem to be in the download.
cheers, Chris

>I had this problem the other day extracting data from the Wigan area, 
>when I looked at what was being downloaded it was data that was 
>connected/related to data that was inside the bbox I had selected. For 
>example a large primary road (one _long_ way) was included even though 
>the majority of it clearly outside of the bbox I had selected, from what 
>I have read this happens by design.


>"The following command returns:

>     * All nodes that are inside a given bounding box and any relations 
>that reference them.
>     * All ways that reference at least one node that is inside a given 
>bounding box, any relations that reference them [the ways], and any 
>nodes outside the bounding box that the ways may reference. "

>That might be the cause of your issues, and if so there doesn't seem to 
>be a way around it.

>If you find one let me know!

>- Daniel

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